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    Introducing: The New Community Manager for Collectors!

    Hey Mega Fans! What’s up guys? As some of you have probably noticed, the various social media pages for Mega Bloks Collectors have been relatively quiet recently… Well, first things first, I want to introduce myself. My name is Cary, and I’m the brand new community manager for Mega Bloks Collectors! As part of my […]

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    Best of Halo: Fans recreate the games they love

    Recently, we offered the fans on our Facebook page a challenge. Recreate a scene from the first four Halo games using Mega Bloks sets and figures. Striking photos that were instantly recognizable would be noticed, and rewarded handsomely. The fans did not disappoint. An epic shot of a custom-made UNSC Infinity breaking through the clouds of Requiem as Master […]

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    Battle for New Mombasa: Part 1

    An all-new toymation series launched today – the action-packed Battle for New Mombasa. All is quiet in New Mombasa when a sudden Covenant attack sends the UNSC charging into action. It’s a full-blown battle in the streets, but will the Spartans be able to defend the city? After coming across some great animations on his YouTube channel, […]

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    Figure-collecting goes mobile

    Since launching our new Halo website last year fans have been eagerly looking through the hundreds of different micro action figures, digging deeper to find their own must-have Spartans. Now, before fans get the figures in the palm of their hands they can check out their faves…in the palm of their hands…with our all-new mobile app! Browse every figure […]