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    RTX: 2014’s first fan event goes flawlessly!

    Wow, we had a lot of fun at RTX this year. It’s our first year heading down to Austin to support the guys from Rooster Teeth and their massive video game expo. I’m pretty sure it won’t be our last, because it was such an awesomely perfect weekend! We head to fan events to get […]

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    Symon Six: Profile of a Hobby Toy Photographer

    There’s nothing cooler for me to see than when fans submit really sharp, funny, cool photos of their Mega Bloks sets in our Collectors community. Many of the coolest set images always seem to come from the same source: Symon Six. So I reached out to him to ask a few questions about what it takes […]

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    Goodwill Hunter: Profile of a Custom Builder

    When I first started managing the Mega Bloks community, one of the first names that I heard mentioned amongst fans was Goodwill Hunter. His handle had reached almost legendary status on the Mega Bloks forums and social media. So as I got to know him better, I decided to peek behind the curtain and see […]

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    How to Build a Life-sized Promethean Knight

    Ever wonder how much work goes into some of the massive builds we make for events? Well I’m the same way! So I recently visited our Creative Shop and asked a few questions about the process of putting together an impressive build I know very well – the 420,000-piece Halo Promethean Knight! I met with […]