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    How to Build a Life-sized Promethean Knight

    Ever wonder how much work goes into some of the massive builds we make for events? Well I’m the same way! So I recently visited our Creative Shop and asked a few questions about the process of putting together an impressive build I know very well – the 420,000-piece Halo Promethean Knight! I met with [...]

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    Classic UNSC Vehicles. All New Scale.

    There are certain vehicles in the Halo universe that have become totally iconic to its very existence. The warthog has appeared in every Halo game since Combat Evolved, and also made a fair number of appearances during the six-year run of the Mega Bloks Halo line. It’s nearly as iconic to the series as Master [...]

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    Micro Fleet: Layered baseplates for complex battlescapes

    There’s already some great buzz online for this season’s three new micro-fleet sets. A mini Spartan helmet and an armed Spartan micro action figure accompany a micro-scale version of one of our bigger builds. But is the coolest accessory in these sets hidden around back? It will be for some collectors! Along with the actual [...]

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    Best Covenant Ghost we’ve ever made? Yup!

    Just like in the Halo games, you’ll run across a lot of Ghosts when you look back at the whole series of Mega Bloks Halo sets. At last count, we’ve made five differently-designed Ghosts that appear in seven different sets. And I’m here to unabashedly tell you that this one’s the best. Hands down. Is [...]