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    Behind the Scenes: A look at some early Broadsword prototypes

    Sets go through a lot of changes between the design team deciding ‘we’re going to make a Broadsword’ and the set that fans see show up in stores. Here’s a look at some of the early stages our team went through in figuring out exactly what the Broadsword would look like. When they’re first figuring […]

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    An all-new Halo animation

    To show off our all-new Halo micro action figure, we asked our in-house 3D artist to come up with something cool that animates the system in action. Holy moly did he ever deliver! The amazing final product was shown off during fan events like RTX and SDCC and gave a good virtual look at how the new figures work. Cool stuff, […]

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    SDCC 2014: Comic Con done right

    Another awesome event in the bag. San Diego Comic Con is behind us and we had a blast meeting current and future fans alike. This year we spent it a little differently than in years past, but it was still an amazing event to witness firsthand. Among all the madness of comic books, blockbuster movies, hit […]

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    RTX: 2014’s first fan event goes flawlessly!

    Wow, we had a lot of fun at RTX this year. It’s our first year heading down to Austin to support the guys from Rooster Teeth and their massive video game expo. I’m pretty sure it won’t be our last, because it was such an awesomely perfect weekend! We head to fan events to get […]