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    Figure-collecting goes mobile

    Since launching our new Halo website last year fans have been eagerly looking through the hundreds of different micro action figures, digging deeper to find their own must-have Spartans. Now, before fans get the figures in the palm of their hands they can check out their faves…in the palm of their hands…with our all-new mobile app! Browse every figure […]

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    Deck out your computer with Mega Bloks Halo!

    The season is heating up and we’ve got some all-new content for superfans. We know some of you love decking out your computers with Mega Bloks Halo gear, so here are some new wallpapers to do it with. Make sure to visit the actual Halo Wallpapers section to get the right size for you. They’re […]

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    Behind the Scenes: A look at some early Broadsword prototypes

    Sets go through a lot of changes between the design team deciding ‘we’re going to make a Broadsword’ and the set that fans see show up in stores. Here’s a look at some of the early stages our team went through in figuring out exactly what the Broadsword would look like. When they’re first figuring […]

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    An all-new Halo animation

    To show off our all-new Halo micro action figure, we asked our in-house 3D artist to come up with something cool that animates the system in action. Holy moly did he ever deliver! The amazing final product was shown off during fan events like RTX and SDCC and gave a good virtual look at how the new figures work. Cool stuff, […]